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With any new Cooling system, proper sizing is important to ensure efficient operation. An over sized system will meet the demand for cooling more quickly, but may never reach its peak operating efficiency.

Before installing a new system, contact our office with any questions or to schedule your home energy analysis. Did we mention we do our best to beat any quote! 

Heat Pump Air Conditioning

Our Air Conditioning Installation Services

Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement:  Get a FREE quote for the best ac system for your home and budget.
High Efficiency Systems: Our licensed, certified home comfort team provides repair, maintenance, and Installation of Central, Forced Air, Electric, Hybrid, Heat Pump, Mini-Split Systems.​
Indoor Air Quality: Humidifiers, Air Purifiers and Air Filtration products to improve your Indoor Air Quality and home comfort level. 
Mini Split Systems: We install Ductless A/C Systems to ensure every room is comfortable when you need them to be.
AC Maintenance: Extend the life of your Air Conditioning System with expert A/C Repair and Schedule Maintenance to make any season easy.
Thermostats and Controls: Save on cooling costs during the hot summers by updating your Thermostat For Complete C

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Ductless Air Conditioning

Conserve On Energy​​

Compact Systems For Any Space

Reliability For Your Home

High Efficiency Heat Pump Technology

Quite Drive Technology

Ductless, Heat Pump, Central Air Conditioning System Maintenance.


Affordable Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement When You Need It.


Indoor Air Quality Systems For Any Home Or Application 

Furnace, Central Heating, Ductless, Heat Pump System Maintenance.

​Ensure Maximum Efficiency

Air Conditioning Replacement
Affordable Reliable Efficient Cooling

Modern Air offers an array of cooling solutions for replacing or expanding your A/C system. Utilizing the latest technology, we can calculate the correct size and efficiency for your home, and help you determine the best options for your location, and budget. If your air conditioner is broken beyond repair, our skilled technicians can install a new system to ensure maximum comfort in your home. If you would like to upgrade your existing system due to efficiency or reliability concerns, we offer a wide selection of products as well as extended warranties.

24 Hour Home Comfort

Central Air Conditioning Comfort

Central Air Conditioning

Systems Built To Last


New Thermostats Make Every Day Easier To Control Your Home


Get Dependable Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance 7 Days A Week

Save Money With A New, Modern, High Efficiency Heating System.

We Provide Reliable Heating Repair To All Of Our Customers 24 Hours A Day